"Future Magic"

"Future Magic"

Spray Paint, Prayer Candle Wax, Acrylic Paint, Encaustic Ink, House Paint, Ink, Silver Foil on Canvas.
Dec 2010.

This painting has always meant the world to me as it was made at the precipice of a new life for me in a new place I had just moved. The world felt alive and magic in a way it previously hadn't. I am happy to finally offer it for sale here in my shop.

Mounted in a simple wooden, floating frame. Please allow for 2-4weeks for delivery. Also, anyone interested in speaking about this piece further, do not hesitate to email me at seancpat@gmail.com.

In addition to this piece being offered here in my webshop, I have decided to make paying via cryptocurrency wallet transfer available for the first time. This is a new world and I think it is apart of the future of the artist/patron relationship. To inaugurate this, I am offering all works in my shop at a 40% discount if you pay in crypto. Visit this link to purchase via crypto... https://commerce.coinbase.com/checkout/11833c2d-86d9-47ce-a663-dbcba4e341aa