"Silly Boots in Springtime Weather"

"Silly Boots in Springtime Weather"

‘Silly Boots In Springtime Weather’. 48x48”. Collage, Acrylic, India Ink, Paint Pens, House Paint, Primer, Spray Paint, Prayer Candle Wax on Plywood. March, 2011.

Easily one of my favorite works I have ever made. From 2011, it has stayed with me ever since, moving from house to house across the country. On 4'x4' plywood, mounted in a floating frame (if purchased). Its higher price reflects its uniqueness and beauty. I rarely work this large and there are less than ten pieces in existence at this scale.

Please allow for 4-6 weeks delivery. It will be delivered by me, in person. If you were to buy this, you would be amongst the most generous benefactors in my life, so we should absolutely get to know one another and be friends. This may seem like some sort of joke, but it isn't. It is a special piece and deserves to be hanging over some lovely, modern living room fireplace in some mountain chalet. I feel like those who appreciate it, get it.

In addition to this piece being offered here in my webshop, I have decided to make paying via cryptocurrency wallet transfer available for the first time. This is a new world and I think it is a part of the future of the artist/patron relationship. To inaugurate this, I am offering all works in my shop at a 50% discount if you pay in crypto.
To purchase this piece via crypto, please visit the link here... https://commerce.coinbase.com/checkout/92f16042-09db-4acb-9d49-150d24d1d597

Also, anyone interested in speaking about this piece further, do not hesitate to email me at seancpat@gmail.com.